Close the Deal, Never the Friendship

[friend in a realtor]

I remember when I met Joyce.  She has a talent to deliver whatever is on her mind, in the most graceful way.  Even if it is about politics!  I also love her strong, compassionate heart.  She will always tell you exactly what is on her mind.  I adore that about her. While spending time with her post-divorce, I found a career, and a strong aggressive side of myself.  And I started to love it.  


When I heard from her, we did the most natural thing and talked about her fur baby, Penny.  Then she confided in me and wanted support, patience and real estate advice.  The most glorious thing about a friendship is being able to fulfill different roles.  I was able to be her friend, and was able to represent her through a real estate transaction in a professional manner.  So I am glad I learned from her and could use some of her traits during our business together.  

We worked together, and made the deal happen.  We were able to come together as strong independent women, navigate through a tenant, a listing, and a successful closing of her real estate property.  It felt great sitting on the same side of the closing table with you!

Joyce— thanks for your open heart and strength you gave to me in a time of need.  I bottled that up and I am so happy I was able to give that back to you.  

Incase you missed it this is what happens when women get together to make business happen: 

Monday: Listing Live 3:30pm on the MLS.
Monday (same Monday): Listing Live 7:30pm on Zillow, Trulia and other 3rd parties.
Monday (same Monday): First offer at 11pm and multiple offers by 11am Tuesday.  
Tuesday (next day): Under contract by 3:00pm above asking. 

Thanks Joyce for your trust in business, give Penny a hug for me!  

Coldwell Banker West Shell Metro Link 

Coldwell Banker West Shell Metro Link 

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