Train Well Eat Well - According to Cincy/NKY Top Health + Fitness Experts

Have you ever had that post workout HUNGER (or hanger) that hits and seems to cloud your judgement of making the best choice? Sometimes finding a healthy, nourishing and filling post workout meal can be tough. So I asked Cincinnati/NKY trainers to help us out, and give us their favorite post workout meal - grab and go, snack, preparing at home, or dining out at their favorite place. So next time you are standing on the sidewalks, legs shaking - arms trembling - and hanger sets in, refer to the experts! 

Frank Way owner of KW Crossfit "Post-workout I want some real food that has both protein and carbs and is scratch made. A little gem in Sharonville off Route 42 is 99 Chinese. They have an incredibly diverse menu but I go for the Beef Hofun. This gluten-free, lunch-portioned meal is packed with protein with the beef as well as having flat rice noodles cooked to perfection. The scattering of scallions and other veggies is a bonus. While its great for take out after a good workout, going there for a sit-down meal is equally satisfying, especially if you have a Chinese ex-pat or native that just orders without a menu!"  Follow Frank on Instagram @KW Fitness


Heather Britt owner of Dancefix by HBDC "

"Pre-workout, I can't eat much without getting a cramp or feel weighted down. Before class, I tend to eat a high protein energy bar. Post-workout, I refuel with my larger meal of the day and Sleepy Bee is often my go to. They offer delicious healthy smoothies, breakfast and lunch, as well as gluten free and dairy free options, and their coffee is amazing! Plus, they are located directly across from our DANCEFIX Blue Ash location. It doesn't get much better than that” Follow Heather on Facebook @dancefixbyHBDC


Cris Smith owner of FitNext
"Lifting always makes me hungry immediately during and after a session so I am always surprised at how many people tell me they lose their appetites after a workout.  To replenish my energy sources and start the muscle rebuilding process I go to Silverglades next to our Fitnext 803 Sycamore Street location Downtown to order one of two “Fitnext Smoothies”!  My favorite combines 1 scoop of vanilla Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein, 2 bananas, 2 scoops (TBSP) of peanut butter, skim milk and shaved iced blended into a smooth, rich, undisputed container of awesomeness!  It curves my hunger, keeps me mentally focused, and holds me over until the real feast begins!"  Follow Cris on Instagram @fitnextcs  


Leah Wiethe Coach Cincy 360 "Post-workout, I want to re-fuel and keep my energy levels high. Dashing from training clients at Cincy 360 Fitness to a yoga class to my after school program, I need something that will keep me feeling light and invigorated! I love to stop by Aladdin's Eatery for a vegetarian rolled pita. Falafel, greens, veggies and hummus are the perfect combination of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs to keep me moving all day long. Throw in their "Natural Energy" raw juice (carrot, spinach, celery, and parsley) and I'm good to go, go, go!" Follow Leah on Instagram- @arrowfitleah


Kevin McDonald owner of Iron Office Nutrition

"My favorite post workout meal is a Build Your Own Meal from Iron Office Nutrition. I like that I can add in extra carbs (in particular Sweet Potatoes) to help me restore my muscles' glycogen and recover faster! The meals are convenient to take with me to the gym, taste great, and can be ready to eat in just 2 minutes in the microwave. What could be easier?" Follow Iron Office on Instagram - @ironofficenutrtion