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Do you work at a desk, use a smartphone, or a computer?  💻📱🖥 I know a lot of folks who would say yes to all three. Question:  Have you done a posture a check lately?  Our posture becomes weak from slumping forward at our desk/screens and staring at our phones for an extended period of time, on a daily basis.  Working at a desk may not seem physically taxing, but this can add up to some physical imbalances. 

Did you know that there are activities that can contribute to poor posture, and then you will potentially look like Carl from the movie UP. 🙈 Poor posture leads to weak scapular muscles – shoulder blades and can lead to other imbalances in the body if not addressed. 

We need to give our shoulders the most love!  Shoulders have the greatest range of motion and is overlooked in many training plans.  You use the shoulder in a wide variety of upper body exercises. 


One key thing is learning to be aware of your core and shoulder blades.  At The Academy, we work on strength and coordination around those areas to ensure things are moving smoothly and reduce those sound effects. 🏋🏻‍♀️ We use the Crossover Symmetry (COS) for mobility, stability and control.  The COS is designed to strengthen scapular muscles, so you can effectively work on posture, and shoulder health and longevity.  Don’t you want to be able to lift your bags in that overhead compartment, HEY I just gave you another reason to travel!     

Ready Set GO!  Here is some homework, and you can do it right now!  Sit up, keep your arms in a neutral position, sit up TALL, keep your shoulders relaxed and down.  If you are working in the same position for an extended period, get up walk around, stretch, or get some fresh air and vitamin D. 


Want to know more about COS?  Check out their website here COS, they sell different packages to fit your needs.  Use promo code academy for 20% off!  You can reach out to me and I can give you a training session on COS.  You maybe sore in places you have never felt before! 

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For more info click here and for 10% off use promo code "academy"

For more info click here and for 10% off use promo code "academy"


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