A Letter to Wesery

[goal crusher]

Dear Wes,

I am so proud of you!  We worked for 6 months and you have accomplished so much.  You started as a student and then moved onto to being a teacher and motivator and now my friend.  You are teaching your daughters and family the importance of goal setting, determination, and a healthy lifestyle of #40by40.

You pushed yourself out of your comfort zone, cussed, spit and then got right back into it!!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your birthday challenge!  With a library of workouts, equipment, and confidence you can incorporate this into your own lifestyle!  Take all that you have learned in 6 months and keep the momentum going!  You now have the skills and knowledge to do this on your own!!  And when you need a workout or a little #jenergy I will be here for you! 

Congratulations on your accomplishment, continue moving, creating balance and motivating others to do the same!! 

I will be excited to see you at The Academy!!  BEST of LUCK on the next chapter of #wesery!