Our Business Grows


I am excited to announce that I am a Blonyx affiliate!  What I like about Blonyx is that it is a pure HMB and creatine supplement, and will change your performance.  Here is what it can do for you!  Reduce muscle soreness, increase muscle growth, and increase overall performance.  In a nutshell Blonyx can help you reach your goals, building more lean muscle, higher metabolism and leads to a greater fat burn.  Everyone is happy!

If you know me I am conscious about what I put in my body.  Blonyx is an additive free product, I can pronounce all of the ingredients and backed by athletic research.  

The reason I chose to partner with Blonyx is that we share the same philosophy, supplements should supplement a good diet and training program.  

Check out the website, and use code “JENERGY” on your checkout for 10% off.  https://blonyx.com/collections/blonyx-products

Jeni Houser