Let's Get Physical..and Financial

[purpose of Fit in the City]

Is that song in your head now?  Let's get physical, physical, I want to get physical...

Thank you all for supporting Fit in the City.  Fitness my passion, so is financial fitness and both have been a roller coaster of a journey for me.  I have learned so much, and want to make sure that you do too.  We all deserve to have the resources and information for financial wealth and HEALTH!  One of the many reasons I have teamed up with the NKU Center for Economic Education. 

Fit in the City at  Hotel Covington  April 2017

Fit in the City at Hotel Covington April 2017

I donate all ticket sales to the NKU Center.  I partnered with them to bring a program close to my heart to NKY schools called Train Like a Norse.  The program will teach students about financial wellness and decision making through being active. The students will learn how to be responsible, accountable, build self worth financially and physically.   We are happy to announce that the program will launch with Newport Independent Schools.  

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The Center has other financial literacy program available for K-16 and the community.  One of my favorites is the Danny Dollar Academy.  This amazing program teaches elementary schools about personal finance and entrepreneurship involving music and art.   

Sign up here to make an investment in community, let’s work out for a cause  - Eventbrite link:   http://bit.ly/fitinthecity3

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the Best Interest.”  Benjamin Franklin

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