Close Summer Out With a Bang



Great job! Be proud of yourselves! You pushed yourself through a 60 minute workout early on Saturday morning. Well done for going out of your comfort zone. You may experience some soreness, and/or aches, this is normal. Keep stretching, foam rolling, and move around a bit.  Keep following us for updates on the next Fit in the City already in the planning stages, I already have changes coming.   Have interest in getting involved?  Reach out to me!  

Drink lots of water-- hydrate hydrate hydrate!  It was great to see everyone after enjoying the food at Coppin's.  

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I loved seeing everyone motivate others.  I could really feel a sense of community, which is exactly the intent of Fit in the City.  So I hope you made new friends and were able to network.  

Hope you are enjoy the photos, thank you Abdullah!  Please share, tag yourselves be sure to use #FitintheCity so we can find each other.  

If you see the trainers or if you are at Hotel Covington give everyone a hug and/or thank you! 

Michelle Furlong - Hot House Yoga

Jeni Houser - The Academy

John Bedel - Solid Training

Annie Kaliin - YOLO Fitness

The health experts are the best at what they do! Do you have more questions or concerns? Just reach out to them!

Andrea Cornell - Cornell Physical Therapy

Erin Wolfinger - Turbine 

Jenna Siegrist - Queen Bee Half Marathon

Kirsty - Athleta Cincinnati