A Tailored Experience - Covington NKY

Hotels are in the hospitality business.  Hotel Covington takes hospitality and adds their Original Style. The guest rooms have both modern and vintage touches with decor from Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs, another Covington small business. With the intimate lounge area you can eat, drink, and socialize for any occasion. With the wide open sky and sunshine it gives the courtyard gives a secluded feel in an urban setting.

Hotel Covington is no stranger to Fit in the City. They hosted Fit in the City last year. I think the participant vote is for Coppin's at Hotel Covington BURGER! I designed Fit in the City to complement A Tailored Experience, what Hotel Covington aims for every occasion. 

Thank you Hotel Covington for supporting Fit in the City & Flying Pig Marathon 20 Days on the Run and their charities. Your sponsorship illustrates how committed you are to Covington and the thriving community. 

Eventbrite link to sign up and sign waiver: https://fitinthecityflyingpig20days.eventbrite.com FREE admission - donation based for The Flying Pig charities

More info: https://jenergy.coach/fit-in-the-city/