I turn 41 this month! SO MUCH celebrating! I am working the grind and starting my transition to Dublin. Reach out and lets be sure to meet up before I head for my Master's degree at Trinity College Dublin. In my business world I am helping a small business trademark, and looking for someone to partner with on this, is that person you or someone you know? Reach out!

Conference Life - my first trip to Nashville (not counting when I was a flight attendant). Can you let me know any recommendations you have - food, drink, activities? Extra points for vegan options! Then off to University of Kentucky for the Economics Teaching Workshop, and I'll get to see Trevor!

Next - April is Financial Literacy Month! I'll be on my way to hear a discussion panel with the top Financial Literacy movers and shakers in the nation.  Dr. A will be on the panel - Advancements in Financial Literacy. If you don't know this about me, I am a huge advocate of financial literacy. I have my own financial journey, maybe we can meet some time and I can share my story, from sleeping in my car to re-establishing my own wealth being out of the workforce for many years to becoming debt free. 

danny dollar png.png

April 17th -  MY FAVORITE DAY ON CAMPUS! Danny Dollar Day  I love my volunteer work at the NKU  CEE and this is one project I've seen grow from the start. Over 400 elementary students are coming to NKU's campus to meet the author of Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire, and listen to Ty Jackson share his story and then will present their small business they created. Want to learn more? Reach out, be sure to follow for updates! 

April 18th - FUEL and FLEX Spring Edition Let’s workout for a cause, a health and fitness event to promote awareness of FUEL NKU and to Empower Individuals to Menstruate with Confidence. This Fuel and Flex spring edition is about breaking the menstrual cycle taboo. We will be collecting menstruation products including tampons, pads, liners, and other products to benefit students at NKU. We have a workout by Johnny Pasquale, and yoga by the Good Vibes Tribe +++ party time during and after the workouts! Don't worry you don't have to workout, just come and have a great time! 


April 21st - MY BIRTHDAY! I plan to eat lots of vegan (+gluten free) cake! My favorite is marble with chocolate frosting incase you were wondering.  Go ahead and tell Happy Chicks it is my birthday they know the drill by now! 

April 26th - I will be presenting at the Kenton County Academies of Innovation and Technology. The NKU CEE partnered with the school, and the student fellows are  teaching a financial literacy program there, and I am invited to speak about "What a Healthy Lifestyle Looks Like." I am excited to meet the students and tour the school. Did you have financial literacy in your high school? Do your children have it currently? 

Did you know I've been writing for Cincinnati Refined? Check out their new Health and Fitness Column. Check it out and follow! 

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