Balance the Pillars


I am so grateful to develop a business around my passion.   I never knew my connection with fitness would lead to entrepreneurship.  I knew I had to share my love for wellness and that hopefully my passion could touch other lives.  So I took the leap and started the Jenergy.Coach!

When I was dreaming of our logo, my love for wellness was most important, since this is my passion. The Jenergy lifestyle is a foundation is based on 4 pillars of wellness, and is the way I balance my life.  Each pillar is not independent. The interdependence between the pillars is what makes it challenging to balance all 4 simultaneously.  We will create an environment that allows you to bridge and develop the pillars so you can have balance between all of them.  

I will be sharing my love for wellness with all of you.  I look forward to growing with you, and learning more about your love for wellness. 

The Pillars of Wellness

1.     Health/Fitness

2.    Personal Finance (Financial Fitness)

3.    Social Opportunities

4.    Career Guidance

Which pillar do you want to work on the most?