How Fitness Saved My Financial Health

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Thank you Centsai for the opportunity to write about my story and to share my love for fitness and financial health.  This is an area I am most passionate about.  Understanding the correlation changed my life after surviving a divorce.  I was able to take fitness and apply it to my financial health.  Once I recognized that, I decreased my debt and was able to start my savings to gain interest.  


Unleashing this passion has led to other opportunities.  I have developed a program in partnership wth the NKU Center for Economic Education called Train Like a Norse.  We will teach students about financial and health literacy. Our program will start with Newport Middle School this spring semester.  The students will learn about health, and fitness, personal finance and how the concepts are correlated.  Let’s start them at a young age, and have fun with it!  

Hop over to Centsai, they have a ton of resources, and great stories about other thrivers and how they found their path to financial freedom.  

Thanks again Centsai, this has been a great experience and I am looking forward to using my voice and journey to help others.  

Read the article here:  Centsai:  Build Mental Toughness

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