Embrace The Day

Embrace the culture of Thanksgiving

What is it about Turkey Day that makes us feel guilty?   I know you've heard it, “UGH, I feel fat, I am so full, I’ll have to work out harder tomorrow, I am definitely not eating tomorrow."  Thanksgiving is about the food. There is no escaping it.  In my home, we cook together, take time to enjoy our treats.  It is also about friends and family, and time catch up on our lives.  Let's use the food to bring the people together.  

If you find your mind wandering to a place of  “I can’t eat that” stop, breathe.  You are human and you have the power to eat, drink, and party as you please.   Here are some tips to enjoy your Turkey Day.  

Bye Bye Bye to your rules


You are going to start to hear about the calories consumed during Thanksgiving and how thanksgiving food is “bad” for us.  One day of loving pumpkin pie (with chocolate chips for me) and stuffing, and mashed potatoes (all my favorites) will NOT kill your diet.  It can be GOOD for you.  The more you restrict yourself the more you will crave it, so have the extra roll if you want.  Do your thing boo-boo.  

Guilt burns ZERO calories

If you are active and healthy most days of the year, indulging on Turkey Day NEEDS be a pleasure not a guilt trip.  What matters most is eating and exercising on a consistent basis.  This season is about celebration.  With busy run around schedules, it is hard not to give in.  I am giving you permission to enjoy the amazing food without the guilty aftertaste.  Do you want pie or maybe my Magic Bars?  Enjoy it, and love love love every single bite.  


Turkey Days do not need to be followed by a punishment day

Go ahead, fire up your metabolism on Turkey Day.  AND do something FUN.  Anyone running or walking at Turkey Trot?  Perhaps take a walk before the meal and after.  Want something to do at home?  Reach out to me, let’s see what I have in my files for you.  

The day after is NOT a punishment.  Get up and move, don’t act on any guilt and have a crazy more intensive workout.  And do not restrict or starve yourself.  Eat!  



A no judgement zone can lead to freedom to enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.   Instead of preparing to survive this day and season think about how you are going to enjoy it.  Being happy is part of being healthy.  Trust yourself that you an enjoy a indulging meal, and trust that you an get back on a consistent plan the next day.  I got you! 


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