Expand Your Reach


If you have not heard my amazing Dr. A was awarded sabbatical for his hard work and commitment to NKU.

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Part of my #DrAandJsabbatical year is to expand my international reach. One way I could do that is to expand my education. For years I have wanted to get my masters, but the timing of life and responsibilities didn’t allow me #opportunitycost

Now I have the opportunity! I have applied for Masters programs, abroad and in the US. I am happy to share with you that so far I have been accepted to THREE schools in England. 

I am happy to know that we will be abroad next year. I am happy to receive the acceptance letters because there are moments that I thought I wouldn’t. Then the #jenergy took over and then I could see the positivity, so it has been a roller coaster of emotions. Now that I’m accepted, and hopefully more to come, I’ll get to make a choice. #costbenefitanalysis

For those of you who are going through the process or have been down this road before, how did you handle the uncertainty and excitement? 

📸  Abdullah Al-Bahrani  while we were in Munich

📸 Abdullah Al-Bahrani while we were in Munich