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Part of our training program at The Academy is that we have a Skill of the Month (Jeni calls it SKILZ).  In June we focused on the Plank to prepare us for July.  JULY is Push-up month.  Our programing for the month will incorporate push-ups or accessory work that will help build your push-up. This method of programing will set you up for success and gains, just ask our members how their planks feel now.  Some experienced more than doubling of their plank hold time!!!!

So lets start working on your Push-ups.

Some exercises like push-ups, planks, and pull-ups are intimidating, why?  Because they are $*&%ing HARD.   Why are they so hard?  They require muscles we do not use on a daily basis; chest, arms, core, and back.  Never fear!  Let’s start with one of those movements, Push-ups.  Just like any challenge in life, if we put in the work, the greater the returns we will experience.  Ready for the challenge? 

Define Our Why:  Build upper body strength.   How can upper body strength help you?  One example, runners need upper body strength to hold themselves up to run more efficiently, faster, or on hills.  

Tips for your amazing push-up:

1.     Bring your plank with you.  Neutral neck, engage your butt and/or legs, this will keep your lower back from arching or sagging. 

2.     Keep your elbows close to your body.  Do not “T” your arms. You see these on TV often; it is the incorrect way to do a push-up and may lead to injury.

3.     Core engaged; push the ground away to bring your body back to the top position. 

4.     BREATHE.  Do not hold your breath, inhale on the way down, and exhale on the way up. 


When working on your push-ups it is important to know there are modifications. Everyone has their own push-up.  Your push-up will look differently then the person next to you.  Remember to focus on YOU.   Scaling and modifying are important for longevity.   Our push-ups look differently depending on the day, based on the number of reps, and the number of workouts.  There is a stigma with modifying, avoid that.  So here are some variations to do push-ups. 

Stop by The Academy, we start on July 1st.  

Jeni & Abdullah

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