How Do You Build Community?

[vision] Where others see a venue I see an experience. When others see a property I see a home. I have a gift of seeing community when it is often times overlooked. I saw the need for a health and fitness community in and around Cincinnati, to make this accessible to all. Which is why I started Fit in the City, a way for people to come together to a workout, health education, and networking. The growth of Fit in the City and the energy around fitness in our area means more opportunity for us to workout and get to know each other!  To know that I helped create this movement, is exactly why I love what I do. I do have a gift of building community. I teach others how to build community. My business development focus can help you extend your business to our community. 


Seeing others spread this wealth makes my heart happy! This IS building #community. Get ready Cincinnati, look for more to come! The next event is September 29th at the Civic Garden Center.  

It was fun to interview with Hotel Covington and Aparium. Chat about how our relationship came to be, collaborating and giving the community a holistic TAILORED experience. The same thing that they offer to their guests, A Tailored Experience. Hotel Cov also joined and spooned the Fit in the City at Devou Park. They know that investing in the Covington Community is investing in the overall wellbeing of Covington. The Devou Good Project, City of Covington and I came together for the Spring Series and also celebrated The Flying Pig's 20th Anniversary.  We took over Devou Park, and raised money for The Flying Pig Charities.  

Read the full interview here: Jenergy-Hotel Covington

In honor, here is one of my favorite photos of #FitintheCity at Hotel Covington.

In honor, here is one of my favorite photos of #FitintheCity at Hotel Covington.