How is Fit in the City Different?

One of the originals! Findlay Market Race St. Esplanade

One of the originals! Findlay Market Race St. Esplanade

We live in an active city. There are many outdoor workouts, and community events. In a crowded space, it is important to highlight what Fit in The City is, and how it is different.  

I created the Fit in the City to build community through health + fitness. I work with my team to create an experience like no other, every detail is centered around giving back to the community. I carefully select the organizations I work with. It is important that I work with partners who want to give back and develop relationships with their community. There has to be a bigger purpose.


The 2015-2016 Fit in the City gave back to Findlay Market. All proceeds benefited the market. When I first partnered with Findlay Market they wanted to bring more attention to the Race St. Esplanade. At the time it was a lonely corner of the market. Today, I smile every time I walk into Findlay Market. When I see vendors, big chairs, gathering tables, customers shopping, relaxing, or enjoying the outdoor air, I smile because I know Fit in The City had a part in creating that environment.  

In 2017 I partnered with the new Hotel Covington. Hotel Covington was recently opened and I was happy to work with them to bring attention to the area and their amazing outdoor space. That year, Fit in the City raised funds for the Northern Kentucky Center for Economic Education. The funds we raised helped buy 600 books for the Danny Dollar Academy, a program that teaches 5th graders about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and helps develop reading literacy. 


In 2018 I was able to bring Vendor Village alive at Devou Park, and created a network for small businesses. Business development is an important part of what I do, highlighting our entrepreneurs and showcasing their local product is important to me. It is important to work with local governments and nonprofits. That Year I worked with the City of Covington and The Devou Good Project. We also worked with the Flying Pig to celebrate the 20 Years on the Run with The Flying Pig. We raised funds for their charities. 

Next up! Fit in the City at the Civic Garden Center, where we will celebrate health + fitness in the 8 acre botanical park in the middle of the up and coming Avondale. Proceeds benefit the Center so they can continue to run their programs and teach us how to create a sustainable living planet and city.  Sign up here - Fit in the City Eventbrite

I am committed to my community. I believe in working together and lifting each other up. Let us all shine, and together we shine brighter. 

Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart? Want to raise funds for your community? Reach out to me and we can discuss how make a difference. 

Enjoy the energy from Findlay Market, it was a great day!