New Year New Challenge - March

This year, every month I will give you a new challenge, that will help you remember our end goal;  To live happier, healthier, and stronger lives.  It will be centered around the Jenergy lifestyle - Community • Health • Fitness.  At the end of the month, you will be amazed how strong and confident you will be after tackling a new challenge.  

In like a Lion Out like a Lion[ess]

Set a Strength Goal- What strong thing do you want to accomplish in your fitness regimen? Pull-up, Push-ups, Bench, Squat or Deadlift?  What about something that does not include weights? The Flying Pig is coming up, how about a half-marathon or the full? A triathlon, hike a mountain?

Decide now what the goal will be. Find a plan, and take small steps to get there. Want some ideas, accountability or a cheerleader on your team?  Reach out, and I'll be there!