Invest in Your Community by Shopping

Small Business Saturday

Saturday is a day to celebrate Small Business. I love to support small local business and all they do for their communities.  In our family we have two small businesses. One is The Academy, here, and the other is my son's business Dog Walks with Trevor. 

IMG_2046 copy.jpg

Do you have a furry friend that would like some extra attention and get outside? I have the perfect match for you, his name is Trevor Houser. He has taken the leap and started his own business, Dog Walks with Trevor. Trevor is capable of walking, running, jogging, or just giving your loved canine extra attention. Reach out here if you want more info.

The intent of The Academy and my passion is to bring community together through health and fitness. One way to get involved is to invest in your health! I have great plans for all of your fitness goals.  Added bonus, we can chat all things real estate too! Reach out to me let’s make a difference one rep one h(om)e at a time!


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