July Challenge - Organize Your Dream Vacation

Summer is here and time for TRAVEL! This year, every month I am giving you a new challenge, that will help you remember our end goal; To live happier, healthier, and stronger lives.  It will be centered around the Jenergy lifestyle - Community • Health • Fitness. At the end of the month, you will be amazed how strong and confident you will be after tackling a new challenge.


Let’s piggyback on the last challenge, Travel Out of Your Comfort Zone. I am already dreaming of my next vacation. I want the beach. I want someone to serve me at the pool. I want to nap, swim, eat, read….rinse and repeat. This is out of my comfort zone because it is hard for me to sit and relax. I want the kind of vacation when all I need to pack are my flip flops, swimsuit, and shorts. Does anyone have a place like that you love? PLEASE let me know!

Here is your July challenge - SAVE for your next travel. Here is the thing, Your dream vacation will remain a dream unless you begin planning and saving for it. Here are a couple tips on how to get started. 

[dream big] Figure out where you want to go? Maybe you already have this dream destination in mind. Write it down, pin it to a map, post it on social media. Just put it out there in the universe. Also keep in mind, this trip does not have to require a plane ticket. I love road trips, trains, and boats!

[clock is ticking] Pick a time. This may need to be signed off by someone else, a traveling partner, work, family etc. Just pick the time/time frame and add it to your calendar. 


[save] What can you afford on your vacation budget? Do you have a credit card with points just collecting cyber dust? Do you already have a budget or savings allocated for vacation? Do you know if you qualify for anything FREE? Check out my team member Jarrod West of Freequent Flyer.  He offers consultations, and other advice on his travel blog. Once you know your budget, then use the budget for line items. I love using Excel for my budget and organization. Flight, luggage, hotel, food, tours, shopping, car rentals, etc etc, things come up on vacation. 

Salzburg day trip 

Salzburg day trip 

[commitment strategy] Once you have checked off the last key items, announce it to your world. Get buy in from the others traveling with you. If you are like me and want to budget, there are tradeoffs, I will need to spend less and give up time somewhere else in order to make this dream happen. For example I tell my family this, “I really want to go to Maui, and I am saving monthly to make this happen, because I want to fly business class. When I want to give in and buy that 10th pair of Asics workout shoes, please remind me of what I am really saving for.” And they always help me stay on track! It’s like having a workout accountability partner, but for a healthy wallet! 

[GO] Finally GO GO GO on that trip and allow yourself to feel GOOD about it! You won’t have to do it on credit, and pay for it later. Unless you drink too many margaritas, that’s different you will pay for that the next morning! 

If you are looking to educate your family about financial literacy the NKU Center for Economic Education has some great educational programs.

I am (be)yond excited for my students of Beyond Fit enjoying their vacations this summer! Check out their photos below👇🏻 

Sheryar is in London and checking out the alleys. Maclaine enjoying the Cali sun.  Frank relaxing on the beach!