5 Tips for the Best Social Life in Cincinnati

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Are you moving to the Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky Area?  Or did you already settle your roots here and looking to revamp your social life?  Here are 5 of our favorite ways to get social.

1.    Follow Cincinnati Refined. It’s the first thing Abdullah did when he moved to Cincinnati. Enough said.  Here, we will make it easy on you.  Cincinnati Refined.

2.    One of Abdullah’s favorite ways to get social is sharing a beer.  In the Cincy/NKY area there are a ton of options for great brews.  A’s favorites are, Braxton Brewery (dog friendly + serves coffee) and Madtree (amazing outdoor area + pizza).  

3.    We love the outdoor scene, 90% of our workouts are outdoors.  Great parks are one thing that this city has done right.  Our top 2 favorites, Tower Park Fort Thomas and Alms Park Cincy Parks.  Both parks have great places to work out, run, and hike.  AND bonus, clean bathrooms!

4.    One my favorite ways to get social is centered around FOOD!  For obvious reasons, Allyn and Karen are our best friends so Allyn's Cafe is the place to go!  A ton of beer choices, meaty dishes for the carnivores and vegan options for me.  The other place we find ourselves hanging is Coppin's Restaurant at Hotel Covington.  The most amazing brunch, and food + the Late Night Walk Up Window.   If you need suggestions ask Michael Monks (also follow The RCN for NKY news), I hear he frequents the Walk Up Window often. 

5.    Finally, we love this area because it is an active city.  Even though the city has many hills, you can find runners taking on the challenge.  The Flying Pig is a Cincinnati tradition.  Need a little running motivation?  Join a run group, they love to get social and help you get back on your feet (see what I did there?).  I was fitted and bought my running shoes at Jack Rabbit Newport.  Stop by and see them.  

Hope we gave you some new ideas to up your social life.  Getting social is one The Academy’s pillars, and very important for us as we try to balance our work – life pillars.  

Thanks for reading,

Jeni & Abdullah

What are your favorite things to do in the Cincy/NKY area? 

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