How to Get Back into the Running Game

I started running for distance again. Running is one of the toughest exercises in my round up. I typically have a 3-6 mile base, and for some reason I love to run hills! Hill sprints are my favorite! What is one way you make running fun? 

Here are 5 tips to get (back) to running!

1. Lay it out - Set out your clothes, you shoes, your PLAYLIST the night before or in the morning to make sure you are ready!

2. Make it a routine - set dates with yourself. Join a running group. Find a running buddy. I have Snickers 🐾

3. Be realistic - I tend to think since I have ran marathon before I can go out after a year and run 10 miles! Build up to your mileage. Incremental steps are the critical to avoid injury. 

4. Strength and Cross-train - Working on different muscle groups, you can help muscle imbalances.  This helps increase your longevity as a runner, +++  get a stronger body! 

5. You don't have to go fast,  you just have to go! I challenge you when you start to talk about your new running routine to avoid the, "How fast do you run" conversation. I want to change this mindset to, what is your pace or do you enjoy hills vs flat? When I run I do not use a GPS or tracker, I just go out and run.