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[Good Eats]  How do you do shop and organize/meal prep?  I go on Fridays. Weekends tend to be a weakness for me, so I like to be prepared. I work all day on Saturdays so I make sure I am prepared for the long day.  Here are some tips on how to go about your grocery shopping!  

  1. Create a list.  Organize the list according to the layout of the store.  This helps you focus on what you need.  GE$- Commit to buy only what is on the list.  🗒
  2. Be sure to not go to the store hungry.  Shop once you’ve had a meal or snack, to hold you over.  GE$-if you go hungry you are more susceptible to buying things you do not need, or you eat cookie dough in the isle (yes I have done it).  🍪
  3. When shopping for your items, read the ingredients.  The ingredients the better.  GE- 5 or less is ideal and be sure you can pronounce all of them 📖

Hope this gives you some direction and helps to implement healthy habits.  Remember, you don’t have to tackle everything at once, start with the lowest hanging fruit (like bananas) and start there.  I am a believer in building healthy habits and sustainability.  

Stay tuned for more on the Good Eats Series.  What do you want to learn about? 

Have more questions or comments - let me know! 📱

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