Nourish - Spice Up Your Prep Game

[meal prep 101]

I love meal prepping, it is one of my favorite things to do.  Things have gotten much better since Trevor (my son) and I prep together.  I love meal prepping because I love to plan and I pride myself on being organized.  Even though I love the Saturday or Sunday ritual I am not always up for it.  Sometimes the thought of missing out on other activities can put a damper on it.  So, if you ever need a little extra push or if you are new to food prepping, try these 5 tips to spice (ha-ha) it up and to make it fun! 

1.    Plan a shopping day and a meal prep day. 

Spending an hour or so out to shop and then wash, cut, prep…..cook… and cleaning can take hours.  Try shopping on a Friday and then prep on Sunday. 

2.    Recruit help.

You don’t’ have to do it all.  Use your comparative advantage.  If you can dice and chop, and someone else can cook or clean, why not work more efficiently?  That way meal prepping can be done in half the time. 

3.    Find a (new) base ingredient and use it in different ways. 

I love trying new foods.  Save money, time, and energy by embracing one new ingredient.  Then find different ways to use it.  I recruited Abdullah to meal prep by making his amazing rice.  I use it top off salads, to pack his lunch and for Trevor’s lunch too.  Add in chicken or preferred protein and you have your meal.  YUM!


Music can be so relaxing and I don’t think it matters which music.  I have a love for 90’s-2000 hip hop/R&B.  I blast it, dance and cook.   Have fun burning calories at the same time! 

5.    Start Small

You hear me say this often with everything we do at The Academy, especially if you are new to anything.  Start small.  Don’t start off thinking that a successful meal prep includes, every single breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (+ dessert).  Start off by prepping a tray of roasted veggies, overnight oats, or just chopping up lettuce/greens for salads. 

Want some quick ideas?  Reach out to me, I have a bomb a** overnight oat recipe…guess that hip hop is coming out of me! 

Thanks for reading! 

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