One of Us is Never as Strong As All of Us

“Alone We Are Strong, United We Thrive.” 

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A recent campaign by Athleta, The Power of She brings the purpose of bringing active women together to empower other women to reach endless possibilities and dreams come true. The Power of She also serves as a voice to highlight amazing women doing amazing things in the community. This is a people campaign. 

My passion is to bring community together through health and fitness, this campaign touches my heart, and gives me motivation to create a social impact for my love of health and fitness. Fitness has been my vehicle to tell my story, and fitness has gave me inner strength when I thought all was lost. Thank you to my fitness community and Athleta for giving a bigger platform to teach other women about confidence, empowerment, and strength. That is exactly what I strive to give my community daily, and at most in 1 hour of training for my clients. 

Thank you Athleta for allowing me to be part of your vision and along for the ride! I am excited the future of strong women! See you Saturday at Fit in the City - September at Hotel Covington!

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