Here is what I've been working on in February

How did everyone do with last years 2018 monthly challenge? I am not into New Year’s resolutions, never have been. I do better with little challenges (The economist calls these marginal improvements). This year, every month, I will let you all in on something or things I am working towards. In return, you will hold me accountable (commitment strategy) and you will let me in on something you are up to. Maybe we can do something together, help each other out, brainstorm it through or just get together to catch up on things. This year it is about US. 

I like setting small goals in order to achieve the larger ones. I work through 4 different pillars of goal setting. This is what (be)yond fit is built on. - Health/Fitness, Personal Finance (you’ve heard me talk about financial fitness), Career Guidance, and Social opportunities. 

P.S. Maybe you are not ready for the process of goal setting, maybe using those pillars and smaller goals/challenges can keep you healthy and improve your overall well-being.

Keep scrolling to see what I’ve been up to in the month of February.

Some of you may know that I am on NKU’s campus often. I volunteer at the Northern Kentucky Center for Economic Education. Why? Because I am passionate about the Center’s objective and it is great to connect and mentor NKU students. They have a drive and passion I don’t see in young people often. I also have my own personal finance journey of many ups and downs, one day I’ll share all of it with you. It is fun working at the Center, and I learn more Economics which is always a bonus. Please scroll down to read all! You don’t want to miss a thing! 

Some of my favorite events are coming up, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with the CEE and fellows to get all the last minute details finished. I hope to see you there! Please share or reach out if you want to get involved in anyway. I have also included other big things the Center is offering NOW, so reach out if you’d like to participate or get involved. AND I wonder what is next? The Center is NOT stopping, in-fact they are moving full speed ahead. What would you want to see next? 

Current and future Micro-Credential - This is a GAME CHANGER for the state of Kentucky. This micro-credential provides educators with the content and methods (and confidence) required to teach economics and personal finance to K-12 students. HB 132 set  financial literacy standards as a requirement for graduation starting with students entering ninth grade in 2020. Once you earn the micro-credential, you can apply to teach Pathways to Financial Success, so your students can earn DUAL CREDIT! 

March 21st - Dan Griffin from WLWT News 5 is an NKU alum. He will share his story, good, bad, and ugly. He credits much of his success to NKU. We met Dan when he stopped by the Thanksgiving dinner last year with Fuel NKU. He will present his secrets on how to thrive at NKU, career development, balancing a social life, his financial tips at NKU, and more about his current career. This event is free to the public please sign up as there is limited seating - This event is in partnership with Fuel NKU, bring granola bars as donation to our local food pantry. 

March 25thEcon Challenge -  100 of Kentucky’s high school students are coming to NKU's campus for the state finals to compete for a spot for the National Economics Challenge (in NYC). The Center was able to bring this competition back to life in the KY and now we are hosting it here on campus!  It will be intense, competitive, and FUN. The students are most excited for the Quiz Bowl, a high stakes round with buzzers and pride to win it all! This will be a #norsenation day for the students and parents, so when you see us around by the SU ballroom stop and say hi, and tell us why you love NKU.

March 29th - Econ Games - I am so proud of these students! This event was created by NKU students who had a vision for a rigorous Econ competition. This exciting day hosts undergraduate students to participate in a data analytics and research competition designed to introduce them to real-world problems. This year, University of Kentucky will be competing too! Do you think they stand a chance again the Norse? 

April 17th - Danny Dollar Day - I’ve posted about this program before and how it has changed my life (and makes me laugh). Learn more about the author and book here. This  program grew from Louisville to a national program in 3 years, why? Because this book is the real deal, students (3-5th) learn about finical literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and teachers love it because it meets standards and can add a program with reading literacy. SO now the students who participated in the program visit NKU’s campus! For many of them this will be first time outside of their zip code! Hope we have the petting zoo back on campus. The students will present their business idea and listen to the author present and share his story! YES, I will be crying a bit that day.