Plank Like a Boss

[plank a day keeps a doctor away]

Good things come to those who plank.  There is something to be said for those who can hold their body in a static pose for extended amount of time.  What if I told you planks are efficient?   They can give you the most benefit with the least amount of cost.  You can do them anywhere and even a 30 second plank is effective.  

Planks are your go to core conditioning exercise.  The core provides support in the entire body, in everyday movements.  This means planking trains the body for stabilization.  Planks work other muscle groups simultaneously, which helps train our bodies to move as a unit rather then individual parts.  The more we plank, the better we move!  

The problem with planks is that people often do them wrong, which can cause imbalances in other areas and lower back pain.  This month at The Academy we are focusing on our planks.  Join us for a lesson on planks.  Are you already planking?  Share your pictures with us on social media.   #TheAcademy #planks

Our 3 best tips to Plank Like a Boss, start in push up position.

  1. Push the ground away.  Corkscrew your hands and think about squeezing your armpits.
  2. Squeeze your butt.  Belly to your spine and brace yourself as if you are getting punched in the stomach!
  3. Straight line from head to heels.  No sagging hips, no booty in the air, and focus 6 inches ahead of your fingertips.  
Our Saturday morning workout at  Hotel Covington .  Exercise:  incline planks

Our Saturday morning workout at Hotel Covington.  Exercise:  incline planks