September Challenge - Check Your Financial Self

This year, I've been giving you a new monthly challenge that will help you remember our end goal; To live happier, healthier, and stronger lives.  It will be centered around the Jenergy lifestyle - Community • Health • Fitness. At the end of the month, you will be amazed how strong and confident you will be after tackling a new challenge. 


Yesterday I did something very brave and went to my bank and I drained all of my accounts. I decided to streamline everything to a new bank. The service representative at the new bank congratulated me. He told me that I would earn 0.65 interest on deposited funds! I had already did my homework and I knew I could get a higher rate. This was one of the major reasons behind me switching banks. Wow! I politely, but confidently, said "No Thank You!". I told the banker that I should be earning close to their market rate of 1.55% and I think I should earn equal to the advertised amount on their website. I also told him that I don’t want to be locked in because I am expecting rates to go up and I want to earn more if that happens. I understand I might earn less if rates fall, but the Federal Reserve is expected to hike rates over the next year

When I walked out the bank, I thought of how confident I was in my discussion, How did I get so much courage to speak up for my money? Over the past 4 years, I've decided to educate myself about personal finance. I needed to get my financial health in line, and build my own financial wealth. Thanks to having a partner, and son (studying Finance), at home who are interested in finance. We have active discussions about financial markets, planning, and I have built up my financial literacy. It has helped me become more secure, and I am confident enough to speak up for my own financial health. I was able to get the representative to get an interest rate that makes sense for my money and situation because I knew what to ask and what to look for. 

Your challenge for this month is to look at your personal finance situation. Just take a snapshot of where you are in your life.  Do you have online banking? Take a look at your accounts, and if you have a savings account, then check the interest. 

To take it a step further find one way you can do one of the following -  save money, earn more interest, or cut an unnecessary expense. Your future self will appreciate you for investing in them. 

Decide now what the goal will be. Find a plan, and take small steps to get there. Want some ideas, accountability or a cheerleader on your team?  Reach out, and I'll be there!

Below a photo of me after I took the Millionaire Game, and got at 100%, I am on my way!