Sometimes Water Just Isn’t Enough - Cincinnati Ohio

[30] A drink on a mission - to naturally hydrate humans + taste amazing + offer low calories. Throw in a sexy bottle and say hello to Thirty. When I met Patrick, we instantly connected over our health journey stories. We are both passionate about changing the way we can offer healthy options to the community, and most importantly have these options in school cafeterias, and young sports athletes. After all Thirty Drink was born from his nephew’s soccer game. His passion for change led him to research, testing, and producing Thirty Drink in our own backyard, earning the Made in Ohio stamp of approval! 

As an NKU alum, partnering with locals would be key to changing the [hydration] game and health scene in Cincy. After launching in UDF, Thirty Drink became more accessible, partnering with the mothership of the Cincy local scene- Kroger! And thanks to that soccer game, Thirty Drink circles back to it’s roots and will be served in schools to students at lunch and to athletes! Now I can stop giving the evil eye to the drink machines in the schools! 

One key note here, Thirty Drink is a household product. A natural, healthy, and (re)hydrating beverage at 30 calories. It does taste amazing, so this appeals to adults, kids, athletes, and Moms like me +++ the people on the go (like me) because it fits in your CUP HOLDER! Thanks Thirty Drink for that amazing detail! 

So what better way then to give back to the health and fitness scene in Cincy? Partnering with Fit in the City and Flying Pig Marathon 20 Days on the Run. Thanks for your sponsorship Thirty Drink, glad you will be there hydrating the folks working out too, "because sometimes water just isn’t enough."

Checkout Thirty Drink 👇🏻 Use the “at your door” button, Amazon will deliver! That’s how I roll!

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