Start Fresh This New Year

How did everyone do with the 2018 monthly challenge? I am not into New Year’s resolutions, never have been. I do better with little challenges (The economist calls these marginal improvements). This year, every month, I will let you all in on something I am working towards. In return, you will hold me accountable (commitment strategy) and you will let me in on something you are up to. Maybe we can do something together, help each other out, brainstorm it through or just get together to catch up on things. This year it is about US. 

I like setting small goals in order to achieve the larger ones. I work through 4 different pillars of goal setting. This is what (be)yond fit is built on. - Health/Fitness, Personal Finance (you’ve heard me talk about financial fitness), Career Guidance, and Social opportunities. 

P.S. Maybe you are not ready for the process of goal setting, maybe using those pillars and smaller goals/challenges can keep you healthy and improve your overall well-being.

Keep scrolling to find out my first goal for 2019 👇🏻


The first goal is a health/fitness goal that I am working on for 2019. I am planning my biggest hike EVER. My plan is to climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. I reached out to my brother, who lives in Boston and has completed the hike several times. He said I need to start training for my 6,288 foot summit and that he would do it with me. My son, Trevor (photo above), hiked this in 2015. 

Mt. Washington is the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. While researching I found that the weather can change by 20 degrees within the hike. Add in elevation and a back pack, and I can tell you that this will be a challenge for me. I AM UP FOR IT! I will share my  planning with you. Starting January 2, I will curate my workouts to ensure I will be physically ready for this. I am excited to get to the top and hit the snack bar and gift shop, PLUS spend quality time with my brother. 

2019 is about US. I will rely on you to help me move forward. Reach out, share your tips, and help me plan for my highest summit. 

What tips do you have for me? Which hike did you accomplish? What are your favorite hiking boots? Do you take music, snacks…? I have more questions, reach out and tell me about your hikes. Follow me on social media, I'll use the hashtag #JenergyHikes