Starting the Bleed Blue Generation


[launchpad] One of my favorite photos of us. What a roller coaster I am on with this Molina fan. It would make sense that he also looks outside of Ohio for college at University of Kentucky

I’ve been questioning myself a lot the past week, have I done everything to prepare him for this moment of starting his new life? NO because I can’t predict the future and I am not a perfect Mom. I am new at this, I have never moved a child to a new home. He is my one and only. It is healthy for him to experience ups, downs, and all that college has to offer. 

My home is NOT an empty nest and I am ready for new beginnings. I am excited for my next steps. This home is a launchpad, filled with motivation, support, and 💙.

It is normal to have painful, excited, and happy moments while in this transition, and I am grateful for all. At times I may need a hug, laughter, or a workout + CAKE! Let me know if you can provide any of those, and let's get together!