Study Abroad - Think Trinity


[#DrAandJSabbatical update] 2019 is going to be a year for me to invest in myself. I am fulfilling a 13 year goal. I AM GOING TO GRAD SCHOOL! So far I’ve been accepted to 7 programs, awarded 3 scholarships, and I am happy to say I have accepted an offer to my dream school Trinity College Dublin. I will study abroad for 1 year and earn my Master's degree in Entrepreneurship.

This process is exciting, emotional, and I put in a lot of work. I have journaled the experience and will be writing about it soon, and I have my non-traditional education story to share. 

I have worked and saved every cent to give this opportunity to myself. I am extremely proud of myself, thankful for a supporting partner Abdullah Al-Bahrani, and grateful for my son who has always motivated me to do more and grow. 

Be on the lookout for transition posts, as we start our journey to Dublin. We will need your help! And please let us know what tips and experiences you’ve had there too! 

So many things to list here about Trinity, don’t worry I’ll be sharing all with you! Watch the video, think about visiting us! I hope TCD is ready for #jenergy, because I am ready for them!