These Boots Are Made for Walking

Thanks for visiting my website. A lot of moving parts in the world of Jenergy! The first part of this year has been so exciting! If you know me, then you know I 💛 vision and goal setting. I’ve accomplished a lot of goals already this year +  experienced some changes. Reflection is a huge part of goal setting, it allows me to celebrate my accomplishments and then to regroup + reassess. During this time I always find a way to brainstorm new opportunities. Even while on vacation new opportunities came into my inbox, and I am excited for the second part of my year! 2018 you are looking sharp on my radar! 

Here is a recap of my first year highlights!


Trevor graduated from high school and turned 18 all in the same week. My son is growing up! He is off to college in the Fall and I am excited to see where his journey takes him. As a single mother this is a huge milestone for me. Trevor set this goal for himself long ago, and I so proud of him for making this happen.

We celebrated his graduation by traveling and introducing him to new cultures. Our first stop was London, a great way to introduce him (and me) to Europe.  Munich was our second home base, and we explored from there. (more on those trips later) It was interesting to see his way of adjusting to the different cultures and languages. Work hard, Play hard, so we indulged; flew business class, and really enjoyed being spoiled. 


The Market is HOT right now. 3 real estate closings, 2 in Ohio and 1 in Kentucky. I am working with a diverse crowd of buyers commercial, residential and with investors.  News alert! According to FRED if you want to sell your house, the time is now! If you want to buy your dream house, the time is now!

Fit in the City was a success, and the biggest one yet! We partied hard at Devou Park and raised money for the Flying Pig Marathon. Thanks for everyone coming out, the vendors, the sponsors and to The Devou Good Project. Join us for our next experience, September 29th Fit in the City Summer Series. Want to get involved? Reach out!


I also made the big move to the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. A closing of one chapter and a beginning of a new one! I love my new community! Sidewalks for running, friendly neighbors, and the location is close to everything. For example-the sidewalks come in handy when walking to Graeters and Starbucks!

I have some great things in the works. I partnered with some amazing NKU students, growing the fitness and financial community. I am excited with my volunteer time with NKU Center for Economic Education and being involved with their upcoming programs. Life is good, looking forward to summer hours, grill outs, and traveling the globe. 

What are your summer plans? How are your 2018 goals doing for you? Let’s get together and chat about them!  

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