Trainer Spotlight 👱‍♀️- Pleasant Ridge Ohio

Trainer Spotlight 👱‍♀️

Pearls, burpees, wine… repeat, sound like a workout routine you stick to? Then come to Fit in the City to meet Kelly Amshoff Schoenhoft. Based out of Power 3 Fitness Coaching, she will show you that “YOU CAN.” Want to ride off into the sunset? Kelly will put the pedal to the metal at CYCLEBAR, having you moving and grooving! 

Kelly is no stranger to Fit in the City, she brings the energy, motivation, and fun to the experience! 🙌🏻Take a look at her website, grab a class and let the world know that “#imwithkelly” 

Looking forward to your workout on April 17th Kelly! Grab more info here about her signature top bun and schedule!

Eventbrite link to sign up:

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