What do I love about Fit in the City?

[love] I will give you my top 3💛

[community] When like minded folks come together for a cause, to simply do something better for others. At Fit in the City, we #workout for a cause. Every Fit in the City gives back to a charity. This year, the workout is FREE and donation based, and Flying Pig Marathon will be at Devou Park Amphitheater collecting donations for their charities. A full list can be found here, http://flyingpigmarathon.com/get-inv…/2018-charity-partners/. 


[partnerships] I created Fit in the City to give the gift of health + fitness to YOU and to raise awareness to the community where we celebrate this gift. I love to partner with local Cincy/NKY trainers to give a variance in workouts and personalities. To give you an opportunity to try different types of workouts all in one place. I lean on the health experts to bring the education so we can learn how to balance health with the fitness component. Be on the look out for future vendors that teach us about other aspects of “balance” to our lives. 

[energy] Fit in the City is not an event, it is an experience, something you will not find anywhere in the world, because WE as a community bring the energy. Have you signed up yet? It will not be the same without YOU! Let’s make this experience bigger and brighter then ever before! The energy is something you will never forget. Teamwork, building camaraderie, and making new connections. Even if you do not want to workout, come celebrate, chat and network with your community. I hope to meet every single one of you! Let’s be sure to connect!