Workout Like a Bear


When I train clients they expect to see quadrupedals. Quadrupedals will train your balance, coordination, and strength. The movement is quite simply moving in a full range of motion in a crawling position, or on all fours points of contact, 2 hands, and 2 feet! When we use this movement we are working our quads, shoulders, core, legs, every body part! 

Another benefit to quadrupedals is that we are exercising our minds! We are moving opposite sides of the body so our brains are processing those signals. This improves our proprioception, the ability to sense the body in regards to it’s position in the universe. 

At our training sessions we focus on movement that exercises your body and your mind too! After all, in life we move in all planes of motion! 

Adam doing one of our favorites, Bear Crawls!  Want to workout with Adam?  Come and join one of our Monday or Saturday group workouts!