Making a difference early.

I work with young professionals often. Over the years I have noticed that recent college graduates struggle with navigating life after college. Often, they have not developed their networking skills, did not develop work experience relevant to their profession and career, and have a difficulty navigating major financial decisions that they are expected to make. As a community member and mentor, I founded Beyond Fit, an extracurricular student organization that promotes a wholistic investment in one’s self.  

The mission of this organization is to Become the best YOU at NKU. The objective is to provide members and the student body with information and opportunities to increase opportunities and awareness in health/fitness, personal finance, career guidance, and social opportunities. Investing in student experience will hopefully lead to a better-quality life. 

Beyond Fit promotes well-being, by engaging, collaborating, and developing an inclusive society to empower YOU to leave NKU with a strong foundation of health and successful behavior. 

I serve a mentor and advisor role with the organization. I oversee the planning, financials, partnerships, and member participation. Providing real life experience and networking will allow for students to learn how to build their brand, learn from others, and create a business-like approach to building their skills and their network for long term gains.  

Want to partner with Beyond Fit? We are looking for presenters, workshops and community events to serve as a resource for the organization.