Fuel NKU is a food pantry at Northern Kentucky University that serves students who are challenged with food insecurity. Nationally, there is an increase in the number of students experiencing food insecurity. Estimates suggest that 20-33% of students struggle with access to food.[1] This can be a major deterrent to successful academic performance. FUEL NKU provides free food and toiletries to students through donations and community support.

The holiday season can be very difficult for students with limited resources. To help raise awareness of Fuel NKU and to provide food for students during the Thanksgiving holiday, we at Jenergy developed the Fuel with Jenergy Thanksgiving Dinner. This was the inaugural year for the event. We developed strategic relationships with local businesses, community members, and NKU. These community relationships enabled us to welcome 150 students to campus for a shared meal. Students were served an array of hot foods and pies, and they were able to take food home with them. Our hope is that this event and the take-home foods made the holidays more enjoyable

We extensively marketed the FUEL NKU brand, including news coverage on the local television news channels to highlight the event, and stories in the local papers. The partnership with Jenergy increased visibility and awareness of FUEL NKU. “This collaboration with Jenergy has been such a positive and supportive learning experience!” said FUEL NKU executive director Dr. Jessica Averitt Taylor. “Through our time together, I learned about more effective and impactful marketing techniques, and I enjoyed the entire process of creating and coordinating this effort.”

The partnership between Jenergy and FUEL NKU began in 2017, and has thus far included 5 events to increase market awareness of FUEL NKU. These events were hosted on the campus of NKU, as well as within the NKY and Cincinnati communities. With this partnership, our role at Jenergy was to help FUEL NKU identify new ways to reach new people and build new relationships.

Are you interested in increasing your brand awareness, or do you want to help FUEL NKU? Contact us for more details on how we can work together.